The Winter Purge

Published: May 12, 2021

What happened one night in 2739 when seven million LaPortans met a fiery death? Lena Sage is tasked with restoring the illustrious name of LaPorte Industries after this global calamity called the Winter Purge. She must lead while ignoring her nagging suspicions that she is being punished by the same company she has served loyally for over 700 years. Lena is a tangler of the twisted tongue, an enhanced immortal human designed to be formidable in the art of sales and persuasions. The company is floundering with their primary product for sustaining immortality, the SDS System, continually offline for safety testing since the Winter Purge. The SDS system cures many ailments of immortality, most notably the symptoms of Expiration Fever. Customers are demanding Lena switch the cure for mortality back online; however, only its enigmatic founder, LaPorte, can make that happen. Unfortunately, LaPorte has been unsubscribed for decades and is currently unreachable for comment. Undeterred, the loyal Lena Sage continues to sing out her company’s cheery propaganda of false immortality promises to the masses. At the same time, she stews in private about how long she must serve in this impossible task. When a precocious reporter comes sniffing for Lena’s answers on the company’s current demise, a journey is sparked through time and space. Lena will be forced to face the truth about her storied past while bringing prosperity to the faltering society that depends on LaPorte Industries to remain immortal. 

Perils of Immortality

Published: Feb 24, 2020

Being immortal is not as advertised in the year 2792. In a world where humans can live forever in artificial luxury, body creator and soul installer Harry Higgins becomes entranced by a beautiful AI woman who he purchases from a shady dealer. This mysterious woman, Kora, has the body of an immortal human but has illegally been installed with artificial intelligence. Those two systems were never meant to mesh, and Harry tries to mentor Kora as she struggles to control her functionality.

Meanwhile, Harry faces his own demons. He suffers from an affliction called expiration fever. The cure for his misery is offline, with zero signs of returning from the LaPortan Industries. As expiration fever takes him, Harry’s mind wanders to the delusional. Harry comes to believe that he can do the impossible and pass Kora off as a transcended human among his secluded society. He whimsically mentions this to his friend and colleague, Melbray, and a bet is placed on whether he can fool everyone at a festival celebrating the creation of immortal technology. This ignites an adventure, as Harry attempts to keep sane while navigating this wager to a successful end.

A Place to Stay Forever

IRDA Best Science Fiction Award Winner 2019

Feeling bored?
Tired of a lifeless never-ending existence?
There is an answer to solve this perilous woe against all of transcended humanity. The Stasis Deep Sleep System will give you back that meaning to yearn and chase immortality a bit longer.
Just lie down and plug in – It’s that simple.
Once asleep inside, you get to live out a lifetime within a splendorous Eden of realism. Then when you awake, a new conscious life will be added to your collective conscious attributes table.
So why wait?
Why continue to toil?
Contact us today, and a LaPorte Service Representative will help you in your next stage of immortal transcendence.
Side Effects may include loss or partial loss of conscious mind, an abnormally high energy consumption bill, and a slight possibility of a fiery, most permanent death.
An agent is waiting to take your call!

IRDA Best Science Fiction Award Winner 2019
“A Place To Stay Forever”
2019 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner in the Fiction – Time Travel genre

Journey to the West Valley Wall

Science fiction writer Jack Van Horne has been struggling with an increasing case of Agoraphobia for about the past ten years. This mental affliction makes him powerless to leave his current surroundings of the street his apartment is situated. His doctor has tried many types of medication with zero effect to break him from his self-imposed prison. The impact of his mental illness prevents Jack from finishing the final book of his space fantasy series, which has increased the psychological strain on his well being. Jack’s editor believes he is just suffering from writer’s block. However, Jack knows that he isn’t well and that people are dismissing his mental illness as a genuine illness. When Jack is tasked with watching his niece for two days out of the sanctity of his safe zone surroundings, his journey begins to the West Valley Wall. In Jack’s mind, this adventure will either aid in his sanity or cement his demise.


 2019 Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the Fiction – Science Fiction genre