Journey to the West Valley Wall:

Are you feeling lonely or lost?
Are you paranoid to leave the house?
There is a cure for such madness that only requires courage, determination and love.
That’s it, that’s all — it’s that easy!
Oh, and if you lack in all three requirements, your application may still be approved. Also, no doctor’s prescription is necessary to take this trip.
Side Effects may include nausea, hopelessness and crippling panic attacks.
If ready to take this leap — step inside the oppressive mind of an agoraphobic trying to finish his science fiction novel while being tasked with an unthinkable ask!

Burning the Last Bridge:

Cure that fickle human mind that breaks without notice.
Our Specialists have your back if you ever feel awake and unhinged.
Rest those worrying thoughts knowing a safety protocol is tethered in place.
A lifeline of sorts for an ailing mind.
Is it safe?
Safety tests are at 19% effective!
Love those statistics?
Oh, I bet you do.
Vacation time is calling for you to take this long-awaited trip
Enhance your soul today for that burning mind hell-bent on a path of self-destruction!