Burning the Last Bridge:

A salesman named Liam receives shocking news from a phone call at work that leads him down a path of despair. Unable to reconcile with himself with his newfound sorrow and depression; he immediately spirals down in a state of self-destruction as he slowly begins to starve himself to death. The factions in his mind that determine his will to live might be lost, and with no support network of friends or family, his certain — fate may be death. By chance, he meets a beautiful young woman named Cora who sees the potential to make him feel worthy of continuing to live life, and in the process, they both fall in love. To complicate the strain of their relationship, his prescription has some severe side effects that Liam has been willing to ignore. The medication leaves him with many blackouts and other surprising results. It’s under this medicated state that the demons from his past haunt him by forcing him to face the reality which first started him down this dangerous path. If the haunting of a mysterious woman from his past isn’t bad enough, he also befriends a troubled young woman during his plight which will test his desire for his love of Cora and even the love of his own life.