“If you enjoy adventure novels with a bit of the characters discovering new things about themselves and overcoming limitations then this is the book for you. We watch as a character we grow to love transcends himself and becomes something better. It is an enjoyable book to read and book lovers of all genres would enjoy reading this book. This is a phenomenal book”

Pacific Book Review


“This is an intuitively written book that should beguile most readers, particularly those who have had similar mental health experiences. A quirky and perceptive psychological tale”Kirkus Book Review





“Mark L. Lloyd’s Burning the Last Bridge, presents a riveting and illuminating, psychefocused narrative, which fascinates with its intelligent portrayal of one man’s struggles to survive the devitalizing affects of his fracturing mind. Initially, as the story unfolds, readers are quickly drawn into Liam’s internally verbose world where his perspective garnishes readers with deep insight into the mind of a person suffering through mental disorder, with his mind trying to save itself.”Pacific Book Review¬†