(Published Spring 2019)


“I am not normally a fan of science fiction but I liked the synopsis and thought it would be an interesting read. I have to say I was not disappointed. From the onset, with a man nearing the end of his life, the story gripped me. The characters were all likeable with unique personality traits which were also relayed in their dialogue. The story line continually moved forward, with great obstacles for the main characters to overcome and clues to unravel. There were plot twists placed perfectly throughout, which kept me engaged and intrigued. The relationships between the characters were developed and strengthened gradually. I found myself willing Miranda and Emily to find the truth and succeed. The author’s brilliant imagination is matched only by his writing talent. There were so many characters and sub-plots, but the story line never became confusing. I loved the way all the loose ends were smoothly tied up by the end. This book will make you think about mortality and what lies in wait for humanity in the future. If you love a novel that takes you on a thought-provoking journey, then I would highly recommend you read this book.”Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite


“Philosophically speaking, the concept of mortality is, of course, a strong theme, and there are clear considerations which have gone into the setup of the tale to make readers really think about what life means, or at least the meanings that we attribute to life in our everyday moments. I really loved author Mark L Lloyd’s squeaky clean idea of LaPorte and the agents, and the experience that the Stasis Deep Sleep System represents in terms of man’s quest for immortality. In terms of character, it’s more of an Everyman tale in the style of Isaac Asimov, but with a much more humorous modern twist. Overall, A Place To Stay Forever is a recommended read for its sleek and provoking ideas.”Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite



(Published June 1, 2018)


“If you enjoy adventure novels with a bit of the characters discovering new things about themselves and overcoming limitations then this is the book for you. We watch as a character we grow to love transcends himself and becomes something better. It is an enjoyable book to read and book lovers of all genres would enjoy reading this book. This is a phenomenal book” Pacific Book Review


“This is an intuitively written book that should beguile most readers, particularly those who have had similar mental health experiences. A quirky and perceptive psychological tale”Kirkus Book Review


I thought the premise of two stories in one in Journey to the WestValley Wall was a clever technique employed by author Mark L Lloyd and he made it work extremely well. The character of Jack Van Horne was eerily identifiable by fellow authors who have all gone through those mental demons, although not as badly as Jack, usually. He was a character that evoked extreme emotion in the reader, ranging from deep sympathy and sorrow, right through to intense anger at the man’s stupidity and inability to cope at times, and yet always tempered by a feeling of sadness that – despite his clear brilliance – he must suffer so much. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between Jack and his niece. The parallel story of Sage Sauer was equally compelling, especially for science fiction fans. The journal of his adventures left the reader wanting to know more about the character and the processes by which humans had survived or modified in the world of Sauer. It left questions in readers’ minds and that’s a great thing to achieve. This is an excellent story and one I can highly recommend.” –  Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite



(Published October 1, 2017)


“Mark L. Lloyd’s Burning the Last Bridge, presents a riveting and illuminating, psychefocused narrative, which fascinates with its intelligent portrayal of one man’s struggles to survive the devitalizing affects of his fracturing mind. Initially, as the story unfolds, readers are quickly drawn into Liam’s internally verbose world where his perspective garnishes readers with deep insight into the mind of a person suffering through mental disorder, with his mind trying to save itself.”Pacific Book Review