A Place to Stay Forever: (Release Date Spring 2019)

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Side Effects may include loss or partial loss of conscious mind, an abnormally high energy consumption bill, and a slight possibility of a fiery, most permanent death.

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Journey to the West Valley Wall:

Journey to the West Valley Wall is a fictional story about a science fiction writer Jack Van Horne who has been struggling with an increasing case of Agoraphobia for about the past ten years. This mental affliction leaves him powerless to leave his current surroundings of the street his apartment is situated. Jack has only enough strength to go visit his doctor at one end of his road to the coffee shop located at the other end. Everything from groceries to clothing he buys online or has his roommate Shelly fetch for him. His doctor has tried many types of medication with zero effect to break him from his self-imposed prison. The impact of his mental illness also prevents him from finishing the final book of his space fantasy series which has also increased the psychological strain on his well being. Jack’s editor and a friend believe Jack is just suffering from writer’s block; however, Jack knows that he indeed isn’t well and that people are dismissing his mental illness as a genuine illness. When Jack is tasked with watching his niece for two days out of the sanctity of his safe zone surroundings, his journey begins to the West Valley Wall which this adventure will either aid in his sanity or cement his demise.